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(Credit: FUR)


FUR announce debut album 'When You Walk Away'


Brighton’s brightest band of rockers, FUR, have announced details for their forthcoming debut LP When You Walk Away.

Nestled somewhere between the catchy indie-pop of SPINN and the heightened rock and roll of The Strokes, FUR play guitar music to those who faithfully believe that rock music is still on the up and up. It is, and FUR are one of many bands who prove it.

Speaking of the album and its title track that was released along with the album’s announcement, singer Will Murray explains that the title was “Drawn from the common axiom ‘when you walk away, don’t turn/look back’ it acts as a personal manifesto that looks to punctuate and frame the themes present on the album. The album deals with the personal and shared experiences we have during the difficult post-coming of age period in our lives, with each song being a snapshot/postcard searching for meaning and trying to make sense of these experiences.”

Young people working through the challenges and tribulations of life through guitar music? If that’s not rock and roll, I don’t know what else is. Post-coming of age is a dizzying period of intense change and movement, both internal and external, in which you try to find your place in the world whilst finding yourself within,” Murray continues. “You may have to walk away from home, familiarity, innocence as well as jobs, relationships and situations that are no good for you while in turn friends and love’s may walk away from you.”

Heavy, man. Don’t tell them this, but FUR also work as a band to put on if you want to turn off your brain and let catchy melodies, loud guitars, and joyous indie-rock pour over you without having to fire up the old thinker. These seem like erudite young individuals, but they also know the power of a good hook. Whatever your preferred focus level, FUR is a new band worth rolling the dice on.

Check out the video for ‘When You Walk Away Part I’, plus the album’s tracklisting, down below. When You Walk Away is set for a November 5 release date.