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Fucked Up - Son The Father

One from Fucked Up for the Track of the Day, these lot will be tearing some ear drums over the weekend at Beacons and they never disappoint. As always they are criminally low on the bill, but don’t let that put you off, they are one of the best live acts around. Fucked Up have been slowly weirding out hardcore fans for the last decade by making decision that would be suicidal for any other band. David Comes to Life, the 18 song strong rock opera set in 1970s-80s England is a fine example, the record is divided up into four acts and its narrative content is epic in proportion.

Son The Father however is the opener to their acclaimed second album The Chemistry of Common Life so it’s only fitting that it should open the Beacons weekend. Any band that is up for opening a hardcore album with a flute is alright by me. All is calm for a good minute and a half until the song fires in like a freight train. These moments show how impeccable Fucked Up’s control is, they never procrastinate too long and when they do it’s so tastefully carried out that you barely notice. Everything feels necessary, Fucked Up prove that you can breathe new life into tired genres simply through great songmanship and the taste to know when your pushing something to far.

We recommend Fucked Up for anyone who is into noisy music, especially noisy music with a cerebral side. Get down to Beacons and go see Fucked Up on Friday.

Philip Coyne