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(Credit: / Far Out / Alamy / Joe Rogan / Spotify / Annie Spratt)


Freddie Gibbs says “Fuck Neil Young” on The Joe Rogan Experience

Freddie Gibbs and comedian Brian Moses appeared as guests on the March 1st publication of the Joe Rogan Experience. The three launched into a hot debate over the recent controversies concerning Neil Young and Joe Rogan. 

“You can’t say that shit, Joe, because you pissed n****s off when you did that compilation,” Gibbs said, referring to the video that documented Rogan’s repeated use of the N-word on episodes of his podcast. “It was funny as fuck, though, I can’t even lie.”

Gibbs continued by telling Rogan, “I don’t think you’re a racist…. I never thought you was a racist.” (Rogan interjected, “I’m definitely not.”) Gibbs went on to say, “I just think you just saying some shit you shouldn’t have said and a lot of us n****s say some stuff that we shouldn’t say sometimes. It is what it.” Rogan replied to Gibbs, “Well, that’s the only word that you can’t say no matter what.”

The Rogan and his two guests continued to discuss the N-word and other slurs, with Moses eventually making the joke, “Bro, Spotify is not airing this episode.” Rogan exclaimed, “They have to!” And Gibbs said, “They got to. Hey, fuck Neil Young, man. Let me say something about Neil Young. Ay, Neil Young, man, I know you wanted to get Joe off this motherfucker, right, but, look, though, my n***a, pull your shit off, but would you have pulled it if it was only the n***a shit? If you thought Joe was a racist? Would you have stood up for n****s? I think not.”

Gibbs continued, “The only thing I was mad at you for, Joe, man, you fucked up with India.Arie, man,” referring to the R&B singer’s choice to pull her music from Spotify. “Shout out to India.Arie, please put your music back up, we love you, baby girl.”

In late January, Neil Young asked for Joe Rogan and his podcast to be removed from Spotify as he protested against the damaging content of the feature. As an extension to the protests, he asked that Spotify remove his material from the streaming platform. Over the following weeks, a number of artists followed suit to boycott Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Neil Young’s accusation stated that the podcast was “spreading fake information about vaccines—potentially causing death to those who believe the disinformation being spread by them.” 

Despite the protests, Spotify and CEO Daniel Ek have stuck by Joe Rogan, keeping his podcast, but Ek did condemn Rogan’s use of racist slurs.