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(Credit: Zoetrope)


Francis Ford Coppola to spend of his own $120 million on new film


If anyone knows a true cinematic epic, it’s Francis Ford Coppola, with the influential filmmaker having made the iconic Vietnam war classic Apocalypse Now, a film with an infamously tumultuous production. Now, 43 years after the release of the epic, Coppola is planning something even more spectacular with plans for his passion project Megalopolis finally coming together after having been in the pipeline for decades. 

Putting $120 million of his own money into making the new blockbuster spectacular, Coppola wrote the new film in the early 1980s and has been in talks with several production companies ever since to get the film off the ground. With the likes of Oscar Isaac, Forest Whitaker and Cate Blanchett rumoured to be attached, the sheer scale and ambition of Coppola’s film is proving difficult to attract potential investors. 

In a recent conversation with GQ magazine, Coppola revealed that Hollywood executives reacted to the pitch for the new film in the “same way they did when I had won five Oscars and was the hottest film director in town and walked in with Apocalypse Now”. Continuing, he adds: “I know that Megalopolis, the more personal I make it, and the more like a dream in me that I do it, the harder it will be to finance”. 

With the plot of the Megalopolis remaining a mystery, it is thought that the story roughly follows an apocalyptic disaster that destroys New York City, with an architect many years later dedicating his life to rebuilding a utopia. Putting up $120 million for the project, Coppola has also “sold a significant piece of his wine empire so that he could use a percentage of the sale as collateral for the line of credit to finally make the film”. 

When asked about the potential financial hit Coppola could take as a result of the giant undertaking, the director simply responded, “I couldn’t care less about the financial impact whatsoever. It means nothing to me”.