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Frances Bean Cobain reaches out to Sean Ono Lennon over comparisons to their parents


After a recent Sean Ono Lennon appearance on Jimmy Fallon, Frances Bean Cobain reached out to the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono to offer her empathy over constant comparisons to their famous parents. “Embrace the similarities and celebrate the differences, i suppose !”

The exchange comes after the TV appearance as Sean posted to his Instagram about the constant comparison to his father, the late John Lennon, especially when wearing anything that might look similar to his father’s style.

He said: “On @fallontonight wearing @kyosukekunimoto I have struggled all my life w people telling me I’m ‘trying’ to look like dad, or mum. That’s why I rarely wear these type of glasses, but they’re actually just better on my face.

“It’s funny, but I promise I don’t ‘try’ to look like my parents, it just happens. Especially when I dress cool because they had style, so it is often unintentionally evocative. Which glasses do y’all prefer on me?” he wrote.

The daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain shared this sentiment and responded: “You look wonderful! I do the same thing re sunglasses, I try not to wear those friggin oval frames often, but i when i do, i know they look good on mah face, so, what can we do,” she said.

“Embrace the similarities and celebrate the differences, i suppose !”

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