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Fran Lebowitz: Martin Scorsese is "still angry" with the 'Taxi Driver' edit

Even 45 years after the release of his seminal classic Taxi Driver, it seems that director Martin Scorsese is “still angry” about the film’s final edit, according to recent collaborator Fran Lebowitz.

Recently getting together for Scorsese’s latest Netflix docuseries named Pretend It’s A City, Lebowitz mentioned that the director prefers a longer editing process, with their own series being pushed back due to Scorsese’s extended edit on The Irishman. Speaking of Scorsese’s regret during the editing process of Taxi Driver, Lebowitz commented: “I guarantee you if they had not taken it away from him, he would still be editing Taxi Driver. He’s still angry”.

Continuing to comment on his dismay of the final film, Scorsese marked the colour correction as one of the films most significant issues, with Lebowitz noting: “He said to me numerous times: ‘You know what ruins Taxi Driver? The colour red. The studio wouldn’t give me enough money to correct the colour red, and that’s why it’s horrible”. Stunned by his own dislike toward his film she exclaimed, “You know what’s wrong with Taxi Driver, Marty? Nothing.”

Released at the start of 2021 worldwide on Netflix, Pretend It’s A City follows the dry humoured writer and raconteur around the New York City streets as she discusses life with Martin Scorsese. A charming, relaxing and often hilarious watch, according to Lebowitz, the title of the series is a line she used to shout at people to make them move on the pavement, though as she noted, after the Covid pandemic “now people think it has some more lyrical, metaphorical meaning.”

Meanwhile, production has recently started on Martin Scorsese’s new film, Killers of the Flower Moon, in Oklahoma with a reported budget of over $200million. Starring Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, the western will follow the murders of the native Osage people in 1920s Oklahoma. 
Killers Of The Flower Moon is set to be released by Apple TV+ later this year.