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Former Soviet factory in St Petersburg, Russia, transformed into art zone


A former Soviet factory located in an area of Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, has been transformed into a new place to be.

Sevkabel Port, a deserted 19th-century factory on Vasilyevsky Island, has emerged as the big winner of 2018 as thousands of locals flock to the previously seemingly abandoned area.

The catalyst for this change can be pinpointed by the decision of Present Perfect Festival, one of the biggest electronic music events in the city, deciding to relocate there last year. What ensued has some of Russia’s emerging creatives relocating to the area, making it an artistic hub.

Arguably gentrification at its most prevalent, Sevkabel Port has become a hip area for locals and tourists alike despite the fact it is still a working shipyard. Looking out toward the Gulf of Finland, this small area of Vasilyevsky Island has become St Petersburg’s newest and most desirable art zone.

The point of interest, the former Siemens which was built sometime in the 19th century, has bid farewell to the industrial days and is now hosting daily parties with emerging musicians with numerous different floors to party on.

As its popularity grows, Sevkabel Port has seen the inclusion of regular flea markets, numerous different cafes and bars, graffiti from the well known local artists Alexey Kio, Andrei Berger and Alexander Demkin and plenty more.