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Footage of Joaquin Phoenix's 'Joker' smoking in the subway emerges


As the anticipation builds on the standalone DC Comics spectacular Joker, footage has emerged of the titular character walking through the NYC subway nonchalantly smoking as police officers coming streaming past.

Played by Joaquin Phoenix, Mr Arthur Fleck AKA The Joker, walks past the onrushing police force seemingly pleased with his accomplishments as pandemonium ensues. Notes from paps on the scene said that Phoenix’s clown is seen running into the station in a clown mask to meet a mob of people in clown masks, holding up signs that read things like: “Kill the Rich”, “Blame Wayne”, and “Clown4Mayor”.

This along with some other finer points (the Ultimate cut of Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman being one of them) suggests there will be a definite socio-political angle to Joker, with Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck possibly being the metaphorical embodiment of a certain cheeto-tinged twat.

Watch the footage below and continue to build that excitement.