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(Credit: Filmawi)


Fontaines D.C. reflect on their musical growth

Fontaines D.C. appear to be on an unstoppable rise to stardom within the field of alternative music. Their edgy Irish take on a post-punk sound has seemingly become a winning formula amongst a generation looking for something unique amongst the beige mire of modern pop music. 

Excitement has stirred over the past couple of weeks with the announcement of the band’s new album, Skinty Fia, which is set for release on April 22nd. This news came packaged in the golden lining of the first single from the record, ‘Jackie Down the Line’, a truly exciting hint of things to come. 

In an interview with the Sunday Times, the boys discussed the new album and described some of the meaning behind their music. As a group who originally met through a shared passion for poetry, the music is naturally littered with symbolism and often delves beyond superficial word placement. 

One of the tracks from the upcoming album is entitled ‘In ár gcroíthe go Deo’ which translates to ‘In our Hearts Forever’. This was inspired by a gravestone in Coventry where the Church of England had made it compulsory for such phrases to be translated on headstones so the public wouldn’t mistranslate the words as a political slogan.

Frontman Grian Chatten explained: “That was really upsetting for all of us as Irish people. To be reading that in this day and age? That the Irish language was still perceived as too provocative to put on a gravestone? But none of us reacted with loud, punky fists.”

He continued, explaining the subtlety of the band’s developing artistry: “We responded with melancholy. We don’t want to remain a band who walk on stage and claim, ‘This song is about this!’ We want to make something more impressionistic. We don’t need to raise our voices all the time.”

Guitarist Carlos O’Connell added: “There’s something valuable in the fire of youth. But your emotions become more considered.”

Skinty Fia is shaping up to be a cracking third album for the group. With only the live debut of ‘I Love You’ last October and ‘Jackie Down the Line’ to go on so far, I can say I’m very much looking forward to the new album in April.

Fontaines D.C have announced tours in both Europe and North America and will be playing a run of festival dates throughout the spring and summer in the UK. The European tour will begin in Madrid in March and the North American chapter will start in Washington D.C. in April.