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Foals Bring Us Video For 'What Went Down'


So last week we ‘teased the fuck out of you’ or rather Foals did with a snippet of a song and the hint at a new sound for the sonic-scaping maestros. Well, what went down is the release of the dark, moody and mainly heavy ‘What Went Down’.

Yannis said “It is one of the most savage and animalistic songs we’ve ever done. When we play it in a room, it just feels predatory, it feels like we’re on a hunt or something.”

The song does rip at the bare bones of Foals indulging in the heavy metal of the band’s past to create a bright new future of rock and roll and a swift (very fucking welcome) departure from the laptop tunes they created in the previous two albums.

It is a cacophony of whirring riffs and bleeding lyrics designed as Yannis put it, to “tap into the inner madman”. They’ve just tapped their way to gold.

Check out the accompanying dramatic video below