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Foals Tease The Fuck Out Of Us

Foals are back and it seems they are about turn things on their head again. Following the latest album ‘Holy Fire’ where Foals set about creating layered sonicscape upon boring layer we were starting to worry if the Oxford boys had lost their spark. This 12 second video suggests not.

The band had started to sound like the vomit of a De Montfort student union awash with white wine and with the stench of Leamington Spa laptop music, but it seems, even after the incredibly short blast (2 second!) of new music, the band might be ready to explode again.

Speaking to Q Yannis said “We felt that the spread on ‘Holy Fire’ was good but on this we wanted to push it out even further, so the extremes were further apart. The heavier songs are heavier, the poppier songs are poppier and weirder.”

Light that fuse Yannis!