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Flyte - Over and Out

I recently had a phone call from a friend who was feeling his age, he felt neglected by the music industry. He said he didn’t want skater rock or psyche induced epilepsy he just wanted to dance. Well, it looks like your ever faithful friends at Far Out have done it again with the lo-fi funk guitar of Flyte and their self-released track Over and Out.

Flyte hailing from London are currently being chased like Princess Di in Paris by many a record label al vying to grab the signature of one of the bands of the moment. Having recorded their debut EP Live in a day, not only have they delivered some of the best indie tracks I have heard in years but they have done it with a nonchalance and a mature knowing of their abilities that you can only predict this band catapulting through this year and onto next year’s ’50 to hear list’.

Over and Out is a typical dancefloor filler it’s full of funk fuelled guitar and astute intelligent lyrics charged with a deep sense of irony as to their own pop sensibilities. But song craft is something is clearly important to Flyte as the EP becomes re-vamped with washboards and hand claps to encourage involvement; something that can end up sounding like The Hoosiers at points.

If that last comment puts you off, then you are probably missing the point here. Pop music is and has never been a bad thing, it’s something which can connect with people on an immediate level regardless of musical skill or poetic lyrics. Or as my friend put it “something to dance to”.

Flyte are a band who recognise this and with their combination of scratchy guitar and jumping rhythm it’s hard not to see them having the same career trajectory as that other Indie pop band that reared it’s head recently, Franz Ferdinand. Something I think Flyte would be over the moon about.


Jack Whatley