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Flying Lotus teases return with cryptic message at SXSW

Steven Ellison, known more commonly by his stage name Flying Lotus, is teasing a return with a mysterious message posted at SXSW Festival.

Fans of Flying Lotus have been waiting patiently for new material since the release of his fifth studio album You’re Dead!, which was released to critical acclaim.

Since then, Ellison had been busy working on and releasing his debut film Kuso, the independent body horror comedy which was written by himself, David Firth and Zack Fox. Following that up, Ellison has plans to score and produce a new anime series for Netflix.

Before that, however, it appears that Ellison could be returning to Flying Lotus and planning a return. Some eagle-eyed fans in Texas attending SXSW Festival spotted a cryptic message that has been inked on the pavement.

It reads: “Fire is coming… Flying Lotus” and the message has spread to social media.