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Florence Welch discusses change of "priorities"

Florence +The Machine frontwoman Florence Welch has talked about her desires in life, equating her worldly passions with the urgency of her work. In an exclusive with Vogue, Welch described her experiences during the pandemic, how she balanced life as an artist with that of a mother, and the writing of the band’s new album, Dance Fever.

“I had this drive underneath me and I was like if these songs want to get out, I have to get them out fast, because I do have other desires,” Welch said. “The thing I’ve always been sure of is my work, but I do start to feel this shifting of priorities, this sense of like…maybe I want something different.” The band’s latest album is also their fifth, and has already issued four singles, ‘My Love’, ‘King’, ‘Heaven Is Here’ and ‘Free’. Love Actually‘s Bill Nighy has starred in some of the promotional videos.

In the same interview, Welch explained that being a mother is the ultimate measure a person can let go with, as it demonstrates a level of certainty in the universe. She claims that she spent years running away from letting the “big emotions” into her life, but felt brave enough in herself to become a mother at long last.

The album also allowed her to express herself in a way she had never permitted herself in the past. “I feel like as a female artist you spend a lot of time screaming into the void for people to take you seriously, in a way that male artists just don’t have to do,” she said. Welch’s work has regularly been about gender and generational progress, and is considered by some to be similar to the work of Kate Bush.

A pastoral English indie band, Florence +The Machine formed in 2007. Keyboardist Isabella Summers is also one of the band’s constant members, although they have involved other musicians over the years.

The band headlined Glastonbury in 2015, making Florence Welch the first British female headliner of the century to do so. Indeed, the band have accrued a wide following, and continue to tour around the globe, piecing their trajectory together as they do so.

Stream ‘Free’ below.