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Florence and the Machine tease new music


Florence Welch, lead singer for operatic folk-rockers Florence and the Machine, is teasing new music for an imminent release.

In a recent Tweet, Welch indicated that something, likely a new song complete with a new music video, will be dropped “tomorrow”, February 23rd. The tweet includes a brief clip featuring a snippet of music and a group of demonic figures in white dresses ascending a staircase.

Welch is also present in the clip, wearing a red hood and looking ominously up at the sky. Whatever new project comes out, it will represent Florence and the Machines’ first new work since before the Covid pandemic began.

Will this be the fabled ‘King – Chapter 1’ that has been teased by a London billboard recently? Most likely, and with any luck more information will come on whether this is a one-off single or the first taste of a brand new album.

The last time we’ve heard from Welch and her bandmates was when they release ‘Light of Love’ in the middle of self-isolation. The group haven’t released a new album since 2017’s High as Hope, but it’s looking like the Machine is firing up once again to trot out some new music.

Check out the tweet from Florence Welch down below and stay tuned for whatever might drop tomorrow.