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(Credit: Rene Passet)


Floating Points shares euphoric new single 'Grammar'


Floating Points – aka Sam Shepard – has unveiled his brand new single ‘Grammar’. The new offering is the British producer’s second solo single since the release of 2021’s Pharoah Sanders collaboration Promises.

‘Grammar’ arrives just a month after Floating Point’s first release of 2022 ‘Vocodor’, his first new music since last year’s collaboration with Pharoah Sanders and the London Symphony Orchestra. The ambient producer was also featured on Caribou’s Suddenly Remixes LP. His last solo LP, Crush, was released in 2019. This pair of new singles suggests a new full-length venture might be on the way.

In a seven-point review of ‘Vocodor’, Far Out said: “The track is fairly simple. But simplicity is a part of its charm. The musicality and the beat are what carry it through, no gimmicks required. This is the song to round out a playlist, and whether or not we want to admit it, we need more of those in the world.”

Opening to a firm 4/4 pulse, ‘Grammar’ is a throwback to that brand of slowly-evolving classic house. Floating Points is a master of transforming a selection of minimalist loops into something plush and mesmerisingly complex and ‘Grammar’ is no exception.

The high point of ‘Grammer’ comes with the arrival of an oscillating synth arpeggio, which, underpinned by undulating sub-bass, weaves between vocal samples and (faintly cheesy) handclaps. This is where the new single falls down ever so slightly. Historically, Floating Points has revelled in making each and every aspect of his music gloriously idiosyncratic. Unfortunately, the ‘Grammer’ drum track sounds a little bit like a pre-set from a mid-2000s loop package. Then again, we’re probably due a bit of 00s nostalgia by this point.

Floating Points will soon return to the US for sets at Coachella (April 16th and 23rd) and Las Vegas (April 14th). From there, he’ll head over to New York for a show will Jamie XX and Four Tet.