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Five plot lines the future of 'Harry Potter' should embrace


Considering that the Wizarding World franchise that thrived off the Harry Potter series is known as one of the most profitable creative properties in the movie industry, it’s a crime that Warner Bros has managed to do so little with it in recent years. Raking in $7.73 billion in total from 2001 to 2011, the Harry Potter movies share a similar level of success to the Marvel and Fast and Furious series’, deserving far more respect as a result.

Creating a fervent excitement from children and adults alike across the world, the Harry Potter books and movies, now included under the Wizarding World umbrella, created an internationally recognised brand that has since splintered off into the emergence of theme parks, theatrical experiences and video games. Though, whilst the brand continues to bulge, the material of the Wizarding World remains stagnant, with little for fans to consume other than the original Harry Potter movies. 

With the release of the video game Hogwarts Legacy later this year representing a glimmer of hope for Harry Potter fans worldwide, particularly after a string of failures in the Fantastic Beasts series, could the Wizarding World be heading to bigger and better things? Though a fourth film is expected in the Fantastic Beasts series, many think no such film will be green-lit, meaning the series will be craving some fresh new concepts. 

Five plotlines the future of Harry Potter should follow:

The Order of the Phoenix

Quite why the Warner Bros executives haven’t yet done a story about the Order of the Phoenix is a genuine surprise, with the tale, told throughout the original Harry Potter films, starring some of the franchise’s biggest names. Including James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, Lily Evans and Severus Snape among others, these are names that have been established on-screen before, making them the perfect nostalgia trip for fans of the original series. 

Not just this, but there are genuine stakes at play in the story itself, with several key characters falling by the wayside throughout the tale. This would make for a dark set of films, but a vision that many Harry Potter fans would love to see, showing the origins of so many characters we know and love as they stand up to the rise of Voldermort.  

A historical epic 

The world of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter is rich with imagination, revealing dark secrets of Hogwarts’ past as well as seemingly irrelevant tales that build the compelling foundations of the Wizarding World itself. The story of Hogwarts’ original founders, Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin, would take us back to the 10th century, with plenty of middle ages world-building to explore. 

How did Hogwarts work when it first opened? How did it interact with a rudimentary world of horses and knights? How did the school’s founders find their magical objects? Were any knights also magicians? Was Merlin a pupil of Hogwarts? There are so many fascinating avenues to explore. 

Voldermort origins story

Whilst this may sound a little cliché, this would be something of a shrewd move for Warner Bros, with the origins story of the Harry Potter universe’s most evil character being a tale of untapped potential. Lightly exploring the concept in The Half-Blood Prince, Warner Bros should go down the route of Disney’s Maleficent or Marvel’s Venom and reveal the twisted mind behind ‘he who must not be named’.  

His story is already laid out in the Harry Potter universe so little needs to be done to convince audiences to flock to the cinemas. It would also give the filmmakers an opportunity to explore the darker corners of the franchise.

Quidditch sports movie

Anyone who read the fourth book in the series, The Goblet of Fire, may have been disappointed when they watched the film adaptation only to see that the Quidditch World Cup had been reduced to a couple of measly scenes. Even still, the thrilling introductory sequence is a marvel of creativity, showing the exhilarating magical sport coming to life on a grand cinematic scale. 

A sports movie that sees a rebellious Hogwarts pupil become one of the Quidditch World Cup’s greatest champions would make for a fantastic off-shoot to the Wizarding World we know and love. 

A story set in a different wizarding school 

In fact, The Goblet of Fire did a tremendous amount of world-building, also introducing two new schools, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and the Durmstrang Institute. Dig deeper though and Pottermore has discussed the existence of 11 significant magical schools across the world, including Castelobruxo in Brazil, Uganda’s Uagadou and Mahoutokoro in Japan, that’s a lot of creative potential right there. 

What do these schools look like? Who leads them? Do they follow dark magic? Writing a similar story to Harry Potter that takes place in a new school would be a good way for Warner Bros to keep things fresh whilst remaining in their comfort zone.