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See the first reactions to Alex Garland’s "surreal horror allegory" movie ‘Men’


Screenwriter and director Alex Garland is familiar with a bit of existential horror, having brought the likes of Annihilation, 28 Days Later, Sunshine and Ex Machina to the big screen. 

His brand new film, Men has just received its first press screening ahead of its premiere at Cannes Film Festival later this May, with the initial reactions to the film being overwhelmingly positive, describing a mix between his previous film Annihilation as well as the modern horror classics Get Out and Hereditary.

Telling the story of a young widow who rents a holiday home in the English countryside whilst grieving the loss of her husband, the secretive plot spirals into horror as the figure of actor Rory Kinnear begins showing up around the village. 

Taking to Twitter to describe his excitement following the screening, American screenwriter C. Robert Cargill wrote: “Alex Garland’s Men is the bastard child of Hereditary and Get Out. A cerebral, surreal horror allegory with a deeply fucked up 3rd act that really fucking goes for it. See it with someone and plan for coffee or cocktails to argue about it afterward. I dug the hell out of it”. 

Meanwhile, the film/streaming editor at Polygon reported: “Alex Garland’s Men is going to be even more of a conversation-starter than Annihilation or Ex Machina, but I suspect there’s going to be much less agreement about what’s going on. It’s intense, opaque, challenging, and visceral as hell. It’ll make people angry, at the very least”. 

Currently enjoying great success in the contemporary industry, Jesse Buckley, who stars in the film, also enjoyed success for her performance in The Lost Daughter directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal, featuring with Olivia Colman and Dakota Johnson.