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First Base - Get a taste of your love again

It’s hard to write about anything coming out of Toronto without making reference to their hilarious parody of a Mayor, Rob Ford, and his highly inappropriate taste for crack. So in an attempt to take the high road, we’re opting to write instead about a band’s taste for love.

Today’s crack of.. sorry, track of the day comes from the aforementioned city’s blossoming pop-punk outfit First Base. ‘Get a taste of your love again’ gallivants in a similar direction to Ramones-esque punk numbers; the nonchalant vocals lounge languorously over the unforgiving tempo of the guitar and percussion. Hopping along in the background too is the always delightful sound of the organ.

Much like the Ramones, with their roots nestling somewhere in the bubblegum, surf hits of the Beach Boys, First Base indeed seem to aim for something similar – their acceptably authentic punk noise distances itself from the likes of the Sex Pistols and their reflection of an angry, frustrated society. Instead it takes the Undertones route of perhaps reflecting the thoughts of a rebellious, angst ridden teenager (perhaps backed up by the decision to go for the name ‘First Base’ and not ‘All the Way’).

Indeed the song, like many angst ridden teenage boys, finishes in under two minutes – but doesn’t leave the same feelings of nervous disappointment. This is a typical punk-pop effort; uncomplicated, pretty unrelenting and not taking itself too seriously. Like the rest of the tracks on their self titled album, ‘Get a taste of your love again’ is, if anything, a lot of fun and well worth a download.

Ryan McMurty