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Fiona Apple provides an update on her new album


Fiona Apple has confirmed her forthcoming new album, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2012’s The Idler Wheel…, is already complete.

While working on numerous collaborations since 2012, Apple has been holding back new material up until this point. After teasing the release of a new record last year, nothing materialised and it is expected that 2020 will be the year her fifth studio record arrives.

When discussing the new album, Apple said: “When it comes to the end of an album, it’s always a strange feeling. I’m happy with it, but I don’t know — everything that comes with when you put it out makes me want to step on the breaks. But I’m good.”

She added: “It’s really up to me. It’ll be done soon,” she said in a new interview with Vulture. “It’s just I have to do artwork and stuff, and I’ve been dragging my feet a little bit. I don’t know. Sometime in a few months, I guess.”

Despite being happy with her new artistic creation, Apple is unsure if she will tour the record. “It’s so scary for me, all that stuff,” she added in the interview. “I’m pushing it out of my mind. In the next two weeks, I have to have a meeting with the band about what our plans are and what’s going to work. They’re all in other bands, so they have other schedules.”

Asked to detail her apprehension around touring, she continued: “It’s basically that I have this general aversion to doing anything social. And it’s always a big deal because it’s such a long time between and I don’t play music for all of these years. It’s only a couple years at the end [of a stretch]. For the rest of the time, I don’t play my piano for years. I forget how to play everything. I forget that I’m a musician, really, and then I have to learn again. It feels kinda weird to be like, I’m gonna get on stage, because it’s like, I don’t do that! I just have to ease into that other job again.”

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