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(Credit: Fiona Apple)

Watch Fiona Apple tease new music from her home studio


Fiona Apple has teased an impending new album in a post on social media while in her home studio.

The American singer-songwriter and pianist, who last released material in 2012 with her album The Idler Wheel…, which was followed by a tour of the United States.

In a post which has since been deleted, Apple addresses the camera while asking her dog “Are we recording? Are we doing vocals?… I think we are.” Adding to that, she continued, “OK, we need to get back to work now…. You don’t need to go to a studio…. You could just do stuff in your house, and then nobody can tell you what to do.”

The post was saved and reposted by a fan account. Then, following that, Apple again took to social media to share a clip of her playing percussion with the caption: “Make sure to say it’s my sloppy percussion, because I know I’m sloppy….”

See the clips below: