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Finland offering free summer holiday so people can 'learn how to be happy' from the locals

Repeatedly ranking high in the annual “happiest country” list, Finland is now offering to share its secret with the world.

Hoping to spread the joy and teach a lucky few people how to become happy, Finland wants their local people to share experiences that really touch the soul. The project is going to give somebody the opportunity to spend a period of time with their own Finnish guide who will try and a relaxed and nature-driven lifestyle aiming to create happiness in the guest’s life.

To date, there are eight Finns who have signed up to this exciting experiment. Each person will host a guest in their own town that is scattered along Finland in a bid to try to teach the ways of life that produce the famous ‘happy’ way of life they are known for. Some of the options for the project are Esko, the mayor of Rovaniemi in Lapland. Another experience is Linda and Niko, a couple in Utö, the southernmost island in the Finnish archipelago.

To apply to “Rent a Finn” you need to film a three-minute video where you describe yourself in the clip. Each submission must include your connections with nature and your goals if you are picked to visit Finland. You also have to fill out a form on the website.

Winners will be whisked off to Finland for three days this summer. All travel and accommodation costs will be covered.

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