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Film director wears a ‘Weinstein is innocent’ shirt to the 'Suspiria' premiere


Some arsehole decided to wear a ‘Weinstein is innocent’ shirt to the Suspiria premiere.

The red carpet event, taking place at the Venice Film Festival, saw the likes of Dakota Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz, Tilda Swinton, and other cast members attend the event.

Then entered Luciano Silighini Garagnani who attempted to earn himself some attention.

Garagnani, a casting director and filmmaker, arrogantly strolled into the premiere donning jeans, a blazer, trainers and t-shirt with a grinning Weinstein along with the caption ‘Weinstein is innocent’.

Also, some other prick with him seemed to enjoy it:

Garagnani, a stringent conservative, is a known supporter of media tycoon and former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi. Garagnani also donated money to Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.

Weinstein, 66, is accused by over 70 women of sexual misconduct. The accusations include rape and gross misconduct of his power in the industry. His alleged crimes date back decades and uncovered a stinking silence that riddled Hollywood.

If found guilty, Weinstein could face life imprisonment.