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Filligar - Money on the Dark Horse

Filligar are a Chicago based quartet and one of those bands for the last decade have really, so nearly, lived up to the morosely overused phrase of “one of the best young bands in America”.

Having previously shared the stage with the likes of The Black Keys and Alabama Shakes, they’ve been given the best chance of success, and with tracks like Money on the Dark Horse, success is what they will find.

You’ll listen to it and no doubt find yourself tapping your foot and nodding your head along like and uncontrollable dad in a tweed jacket and hat combo. If listened to loud enough, the well timed instrumentals of bass accompanied by drums and organ gradually build into a crescendo met by Johnny on vocals will have you virtually losing your shit.

Is this modern rock? I don’t think so. It’s regurgitated blues-rock that we’ve listened to for years, Filligar are just putting their own tinge on it, something that often welcomes, complimentary I’m sure, comparisons to bands like Wilco. That in itself isn’t to difficult to work out, with both bands residing in Illinois.

Filligar made up of three brothers Johnny, Teddy and Pete Mathias  along with Casey Gibson have released the track in preparation for their UK tour, and new album Hexagon out in September.

Kept very much in house, the record comes with a psychedelic tinge in the form of an eye catching new video, created by bassist Teddy who also designs the Artwork for the band.

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!

Lee Thomas-Mason