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FEWS give us good reason to get excited with ‘The Zoo’


Track of the Day on a Friday normally hits a pop target, with upbeat rhythm and a light-hearted tone, to you know, get you in the mood or whatever. But today’s a little different. FEWS are peddling a desperate sound of post-punk tinged with the heat of Test Icicles and the murky moods of DIIV. ‘The Zoo’ takes the accolade today.

The US/Swedish group paint a picture of textured grey so deep that violent reds and cool blues lurk between every brush stroke. FEWS seem to have the bulls by the horn with ‘The Zoo’. Then when Dan Carey get’s involved you know only good things can happen.

The track bubbles like a boiling pan of water, seemingly predictable until a bubble bursts and sends shoots of steaming vocals; scolding as it goes.

It comes out in December via Play It Again Sam and with this kind of underlying fervency we have high hopes. Be it their determined delivery or their comfort in contorting their guitar lines, FEWS have a lot more to come.