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(Credit: Alamy / Far Out)


Only 13% of UK festival headliners are female

Non-profit organisation Girls Against, via Loud Women, have announced that only 13% of UK festival headliners in 2022 are female, according to a recent report by the BBC.

The above statistic has been generated by a survey conducted by YouGov, which focused on the 50 largest UK music festivals this year. Concerning some 200 headline acts, the survey found that:

  • 26 (13%) were an all-female band or solo artist
  • 149 (74.5%) were an all-male band or solo artist
  • 24 (12%) had a mixed line-up of male and female performers
  • 1 (0.5%) artist identified as non-binary

Girls Against commented on this and said, “This is before even considering the intersections of sexuality, ethnicity and class. Festivals should represent the diversity of the music scene as a whole, not just a privileged few.”

These figures are indeed shockingly low and ought to be brought to the attention of festival organisers in creating an equal space for female and non-binary musicians and artists to deservedly headline UK festivals.

One of Girls Against’s primary aims is to tackle sexual assault in the UK live music and festival scene. Co-Founder Bea recently spoke to Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour about the development of the organisation and their quest to eradicate assault in public spaces, especially at live music venues. She mentioned that the shock of such an act occurring in public often leads to the silence of victims. Girl Against provides a safe space for victims to talk about their experiences and provides advice and support for any victims or witnesses of sexual misconduct.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned Loud Women team have organised Loud Women Fest 2022, which has grown to become the largest female-led festival and celebration of women and non-binary artists in the UK. It will take place at the Amersham Arms in New Cross, London, from September 2nd to 3rd this year.