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(Credit: Emma Tillman)


Watch Father John Misty's new video for 'Goodbye Mr. Blue'


In preparing for his new album’s upcoming release, Father John Misty has shared the new music video for his song ‘Goodbye Mr. Blue’. The song is the third single from the album, Chloë and the Next 20th Century.

Directed by Noel Paul, the music video has a filmic look and landscape, often cutting away to introduce sounds from the characters and environment within the story.

Even with the frequent indoor shots, much of the music video features sweeping natural shots of open skies, backyards, and natural sunlight. It has a sense of indie-film charm that fits so well with Father John Misty‘s style.

The music video was shot in and around Sofia, Bulgaria, in September 2021, with actors and dialogue that also coincide with the significant areas they utilised. The story and the video are meant to capture “an elliptical portrait of a family reunion”.

The video follows an artistic flow in which the music often stops, starts, and lowers in accordance with the characters and the storyline, which brings an entirely new layer to the musicality that’s already present. Noel Paul, who also directed Father John Misty‘s music video for ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings’, is familiar with this style and frequently utilises it.

‘Goodbye Mr. Blue’ follows the singles ‘Funny Girl’ and ‘Q4’, which will be out alongside it on the album. The album is due out April 8th via Sub Pop and was produced by Jonathan Wilson. Until then, you can keep your eye out for Chloë and the Next 20th Century, and give Father John Misty’s new music video a watch.

You can check out the full video down below.