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Fat Whites' bloodthirsty response to online Tory trolls

Since the disappointing results from Thursday’s General Election, many a creative has come out to condemn the additional five years of elitist Tory power that now faces us.

Not least our favourite Brixton hell-raisers Fat White Family who as you can well imagine, come armed with an ideology worlds apart from the wealth gap-increasing, poor, disabled and unemployed-bashing approach of the Conservative Party.

In fact, they expressed their disgust at the prospect another depressingly blue half-decade in typically abrasive manner by turning on the electorate themselves. “Fuck you England you bunch of terrible fucking cunts”, their Facebook status read yesterday. Of course referring to the Tories’ majority in England, which was in total contrast to Scotland where the SNP took all but three seats.

Cue the trolls, who sensing the anger from a band who rarely take the opportunity to hold back any punches, set out to compound the misery. But any Tory plants really are messing with the wrong group of unhinged rockers right here, as this bloodthirsty response from guitarist Saul Adamczewski to a wind-up merchant calling himself Steve Hanks demonstrates.

Perhaps we might not have bitten back with quite this level of tangible venom, and definitely wouldn’t be offering up our mobile numbers over Facebook, but it’s fair to say Far Out is firmly in Saul’s corner on this one!