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Fat Whites are off to Syria if you don't stop listening to Mac DeMarco

Everyone’s favourite rabble of Brixton-based crusties Fat White Family have gained a reputation for being somewhat outspoken.

And recently has been no different, with the band venting their frustration at psych-pop man of the moment Mac DeMarco.

It’s not clear exactly where their heart of their discontent lies, but frontman Lias made his feelings on the Canadian crystal clear, posting on Facebook: “Unless Mac demarco immediately withdraws from music and the public eye, me and saul will be on the first plane to Syria to join Isis. Peace be with you.”

It’s a little bit of an extreme reaction, let’s face it. Some of you may even be sat questioning whether they would go through with it, but remember this is Fat Whites after all. And DeMarco is fucking everywhere at the minute.

Luckily Lias and Saul are also busying themselves with a host of more exciting persuits at the moment, including their debut live tour with The Moonlandingz, which we caught at Night & Day in Manchester last night.

Head here to read the review and listen to ‘Bomb Disneyland’ by Fat White Family below.