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Fat White Family share new song 'When I Leave'


Fat White Family have released ‘When I Leave’, the latest song taken from their forthcoming new album Serfs Up!

In a press release from the band, ‘Serfs Up!’ is described as “a lush and masterful work, lascivious and personal. Tropical, sympathetic and monumental, it invites the listener in rather than repel them through wilful abrasion. Fat White Family have broken previous default patterns of behaviour. As such, their third album heralds a new day dawning.”

Speaking about the record, the band said: “I suppose it was almost exactly two years ago that myself and what was left of this band exiled ourselves to Sheffield in search of yet another renaissance, with only our unshakable dedication to the struggle and a copy of The Commodores ‘Nightshift’ to pull us through.”

“Most Londoners never have and never will fully understand the true horrors of a northern winter, what that much grey sky can do to the human heart. We baptised ourselves again and again in her bitter drizzle, feeding on the monotony of it all as if it were the nectar of the elect. And by the side of a rotten canal in a room half the size of a public toilet, armed with a limited equipment budget, our wits and time, we once again set upon revealing the true face of God, measuring out his/her/their glorious countenance in rhyme, meter, groove and melody.”

“The video is directed by the wonderfully talented, tolerant and visionary Fiona Godivier,” the band said in a statement. “A massive thank you to Ben Edge for his art direction/pagan wisdom and to everyone else that made it down to the woods and froze their arses off all day in order to make this masterpiece possible, the ones who looked like they’d been snorting cue chalk all weekend especially…deep method.”

Here it is, Track of the Day:

Additionally, the band are set to play a number of in-store shows over the next week. The London and Kingston in-stores give fans a chance to see the band perform their un-missable full live show in tiny spaces, while the remaining shows see the band perform stripped back re-imaginings of the songs in a baroque style. 

The full list of in store performances is as follows:

9.04.19 – Rough Trade East (full band) – LONDON
20.04.19 – Vinyl Tap – HUDDERSFIELD
20.04.19 – Action/Blitz – PRESTON
22.04.19 – Resident – BRIGHTON
23.04.19 – Rough Trade- BRISTOL
24.04.19 – Phase One – LIVERPOOL
26.04.19 – Banquet (full band) – KINGSTON