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Fat White Family are holding an Arctic Monkeys ‘tribute’ gig in Sheffield

Fat White Family, back to their uncompromising best, are holding a holding an Arctic Monkeys ‘tribute’ gig in Sheffield for those who can’t afford the £70 tickets that Arctic Monkeys are charging for their upcoming tour.

Despite the two bands sharing record label Domino, Fat Whites have made no secret of their feelings towards Alex Turner and Arctic Monkeys in the past. Now, as they both share a Yorkshire home in Sheffield, Fat Whites are calling out to the local people.

They will be hosting a ‘tribute’ night at Shakespeare’s in their native Sheffield on May 11 in what can only be the biggest piss take imaginable. Fat Whites also mocked up a press shot for their ‘Shartic Monkeys’ evening.

“We’re putting on a tribute night in Sheffield next month in honour of our label mates, local legends, the Arctic Monkeys,” said Fat White Family in a statement. “Although Alex Turner almost certainly won’t be there, he will be with us in spirit, body and song.”

“In celebration of the eagerly awaited release of their 6th studio album on 11.5.18 we shall be conducting a special evening of musical re-imaginings of Arctics classics AND album tracks.

“So if like us you can’t quite afford £70 a ticket, make your way down to Shakespeare’s for the next best thing.”

In the past, Fat Whites frontman Lias Saoudi attempted to describe, rather thoroughly it has to be said, how much he dislikes Alex Turner in an interview with NME from 2014, he said: “Words are not enough to describe how much of a fucking buffoon I think that man [Turner] is,” Saoudi said after Turner’s infamous speech at the BRIT awards.

”I find it unbelievable that people think of him the way they do. The guy is clearly a moron. He was talking about the universe and cyclical natures and ‘invoice me for the microphone’.

“What are you talking about man? You’re a fucking millionaire. His latest record, I fucking hated it.”

“I hate that little c**t, he’s a fucking joke. It was the least rock’n’roll thing I’ve ever seen in my fucking life. His speech was horrendously embarrassing. It made me sweat, like when you see something that really makes you cringe. Massive cock. Print that.”