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Fat White Family are ‘Breaking Into Aldi’


‘Oooh you ‘orrible bastards!’ is the first phrase that comes to mind when listening to the brand new track from Fat White Family ‘Breaking Into Aldi’. Now, that’s not because I think due to their low, low prices it would be heinous crime to steal from the multi-national conglomerate, but because this track is pure filth.

It is pure riot and roll. Organs blaze across a drum machine beat slashed with riffs to murder your puppy to. Crescendoing in a very catchy chorus which is screamed with the sorest throat across the microphone Fat White Family are doing what they do best; causing havoc.

Lias said this This song is a post apocalyptic vision of a barely united United Kingdom bereft of quality German supermarkets and their insipid low prices; Breaking Into Aldi is the anthem that never was, a call to arms for the senselessness of our future futility, an overcrowded shadow begging for a rerun, a sell out by sell outs for sell outs. This Fat Whites collaboration with Cole Alexander of the Black Lips, Sean Lennon and Zumi Roscow of the K Holes is by all intents and purposes the sound of hopelessness attempting to bleed itself dry.”