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From Hayley Williams to Fleetwood Mac: The Far Out Weekly Playlist


The weekly playlist, a new feature on Far Out, wraps up the previous seven days across the website and brings them all together into one handy place. Whether this is a thirst for new music or an old favourite with a landmark celebration, here is your one-stop-shop for all your music needs.

Last week marked 44-years since the birth of one of the finest albums in musical history when Fleetwood Mac released Rumours, and the world was never the same again. At the time of recording, the band couldn’t have been further apart in their personal relationships. The two couples of the group, John and Christine McVie as well as Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, were both crumbling before their very eyes while Mick Fleetwood was also going through a divorce.

Things at camp Fleetwood were far from good, but they still needed to deliver a record for their label. Together, they complied and delivered one of the definitive albums of the entire century. To commemorate the record’s anniversary, we ranked the tracks on the masterpiece in order of greatness. One year exactly to the day before the release of Rumours, the Mac also shared a gift to the world with the timeless, ‘Rhiannon’ which cements February 4th as being ‘Fleetwood Mac Day’.

Unfortunately, not all the anniversaries from the last week are as joyous as Rumours. February 3rd, 1959, is in the history books for all the wrong reasons as it was the dreadful day that the world sadly lost Buddy Holly when he was just 22-years-old, with his whole career still in front of him. Holly, Ritchie Valens and 28-year-old J.P. ‘The Big Bopper’ Richardson who also lost their lives in the horrifying plane crash which still feels painful all those years later.

Karen Carpenter was another soul who tragically lost her life after a tortuous battle with anorexia when she was just 32 on February 4th, 1983. Mental health was a topic that was rarely discussed, and so were mental illnesses. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia were little-known. Carpenter’s death is a true travesty, but, one tiny little beacon of light that came from it is that people became aware of the true impact that eating disorders can have and how serious they are.

Another artist who lost their life prematurely is Bob Marley, who would have turned 76 on the weekend and remember his life we ranked the great man’s albums. The record which took the coveted top spot was 1977’s, Exodus, and here’s why: “After an assassination attempt was made on Marley at his home in Kingston, he escaped the clutches of death and headed to London for respite. While he was there, the singer began writing his most triumphant album, Exodus. It’s certainly the most famous album he ever did, and there’s a good reason for that — it is by far his best.

“Some of the singer’s best songs can be found on the record too, ‘Waiting in Vain,’ ‘Jamming,’ ‘Three Little Birds’ and ‘One Love’ all make an appearance. It’s an album that screams of Marley’s quality both in the studio and with the pen. The singer proved on Exodus that he was a superstar in waiting. It’s a landmark record that deserves its place at the top of the pile.”

On a more positive note, the last week has been a fine one for new music. Our ‘Album of The Week‘ was The Staves and their stellar fourth-studio album, Good Woman. It’s a record that requires your attention to be truly appreciated and an album with many points to make too. Across the 12 tracks, we are given a chance to not only witness The Staves in their element but also catch them pushing themselves to go one step further.

The album may have largely been conducted through voice notes and emails; the quality is there to behold. The only real downside to the record is that, if harmonising folk songs with a pop gloss aren’t your thing, well, there’s not much else here for you.

Whilst The Staves’ new record was one that has been in the works for a while; Hayley Williams shared her second solo effort out of the blue, which arrived as a lovely surprise. Williams has savoured this new lease of life she has had since going solo, and her creativity levels seem to have reached optimum heights. Creating a record all by herself is a challenge that she has risen to. She should have been on the road, touring her debut album and instead has put this free time beavering away in the studio.

Check out the full playlist, below.

The Far Out Weekly Playlist:

  • The Staves – ‘Good Woman’
  • Black Country, New Road – ‘Track X’
  • Prince – ‘Kiss’
  • Buddy Holly – ‘Peggy Sue’
  • Blondie – ‘Call Me’
  • The Jam – ‘That’s Entertainment’
  • The Cribs and Lee Ranaldo – ‘Be Safe’
  • Fleetwood Mac – ‘Rhiannon’
  • Bob Marley – ‘Three Little Birds’
  • Laura Marling – ‘Held Down’
  • The Cramps – ‘The Way I Walk’
  • Hayley Williams – ‘My Limb’
  • Gang Of Four – ‘Damaged Goods’
  • The Carpenters – ‘Yesterday Once More’
  • Donovan – ‘Mellow Yellow’