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From David Bowie to Angel Olsen: Far Out's ultimate post-lockdown playlist


There was a period not so long ago when WhatsApp groups the world over lit up with messages about how we seemed to be living perpetually in the final frame before the ‘two years later’ screen appears. Gags of that sort are now an almost forgotten memory, just some distant dream of the past, as we come to terms with the fact that we are actually amidst a very fat chapter in the pages of history. 

When the cogs of society started to slow the jokes dried up; pensioners started to shop at different times to everyone else, which they were doing anyway but this time it was official; then the pubs got closed and we knew for certain that this was serious! 

Thereafter, the year was an abomination, there are no two ways about it, and here at Far Out we’re more than aware of how abrasive some cliched ‘chin-up and look on the bright-side’ epitaph can prove to be. Likewise, we’d be loathed to come across like an advert for a bank or oven chips or some other weirdly poignant branded soliloquy. Albeit we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t acknowledge the undeniable boon that music provides

The virus and its resultant lockdown have lingered over the last year like an ominous cloud, but it is a cloud that music, unlike almost anything else, has permeated like an assegai into the blue of brighter days beyond. Whether summoning colour back into dimming memories, blasting out the glory of days yet to come, or offering simple comfort that ‘All Things Must Pass’, music has been a constant benevolent companion of suffering throughout history and it has far from abandoned us during this latest diabolical patch of passing bad weather.

Now that break in the cloud can be seen on the horizon and the sanguine warmth that it offers can be celebrated in. It is time to wash down the tonic with a glug of befitting music. 

The brief for the playlist is simple, sanguine songs befitting of the times. Now there are still some ways to go before we’re headbanging at gigs or engaging in arm in arm singalongs in an ill-advised return to the sticky dancefloors of youth. Thus, the selection is upbeat but mellow, sweet but not saccharine, quietly hopeful and positively jubilant. Essentially, these are lovely little songs that are going to bring sunshine rays to your shiveringly cold garden and they’re calculatedly rhythmic enough that surely no neighbour, no matter how bastardly, would complain if they escaped headphones and found themselves soundtracking a small gathering.  

Expect tracks some tracks like ‘All My Friends’ and ‘Dancing In The Streets’ that land a little on the nose, a slew of oldies, in betweenies, and some that are still fresh in the new music section, and of course the song gorgeous song about lockdown itself, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ ‘Albuquerque’.

Enjoy the handpicked 50 track playlist below. 

Far Out Fifty – The ultimate post lockdown playlist: