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Far from the Pyramid Stage: details of Glastonbury’s new 60-metre Victorian seaside pier emerge

More details about Glastonbury Festivals ambitious addition have been released as a new 60-metre Victorian seaside pier is to be built this year.

Glastonbury co-organiser Michael Eavis has already revealed that the massive ‘seaside pier’ is to be one of the 2019 event’s special surprises, but now the man behind its construction has been talking it up.

Artists Joe Rush, who has previously exhibited work at Glastonbury, is to build “an enormous pier” which will be titled ‘Glastonbury on-sea’.

“I approached Michael about the idea during the fallow year,” Rush told BristolLive. “He loves seaside attractions and often talks to me about the seaside rides he enjoyed going on as a child.

“Growing up in Hastings, I have always had a great love of the seaside too. The idea was then given the green light and we got to work.”

“I’m really excited about this project – it’s going to be absolutely huge,” Rush added. “When completed it’s going to weigh 160 tonnes so putting it all together is a massive job. We have a team to build it as well as a team to put all the entertainment on it. Different bits of it are being built all over the place but the majority being made in Blandford Forum.

He continued: “It’s going to have everything you’d expect to find on a pier, including Punch and Judy, an arcade, carnival shows, a fortune teller, a wheel of death and more. Basically everything except the sea.”

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