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Ezra Furman opens up on Marc Maron's podcast 'WTF'


By now, you’re likely to know how much we love Ezra Furman. Not only for his artistic output, which rarely misses, but his appetite for honesty and genuine care for humanity. With all that gushing put aside, Ezra found himself on Marc Maron’s brilliant podcast ‘WTF’ this week.

The appearance saw the Chicago-born artist discuss in depth, not only his idols growing up, of which Bob Dylan, Johnny Rotten and Green Day were gleefully mentioned, but also the general realities of his life.

He spoke about his mental health and how he deals with it in a touring capacity, as well as his family and their expansive artistic exploits, and the life-changing moment of coming out to his bandmates.

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All were mentioned during this warm and honest conversation where the music appeared as a golden thread running through Furman’s life. A golden thread which culminates in the upcoming release of Transangelic Exodus, released on February 9th.

It’s an album which has already been gilded by the shine of ‘Driving Down To L.A.’, ‘Suck The Blood From My Wound’ and ‘I Love You So Bad’, which you can hear below, the podcast can be heard here and is well worth your time.