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Ezra Furman Speaks About Race and Mental Health On Channel 4 News

Former Album of the Week winner for Perpetual Motion People and bonafide nice guy Ezra Furman was featured on Channel 4 News a few days ago and his poignant pauses and deprecating rhetoric was both defiant and honest.

Much like his music Furman was candid in his delivery and entirely open for all to see. He used his position with dignity and veracity, highlighting American issues with race as well as mental health issues. With these themes commonly featuring in his pop music, something which Furman describes as “Two and a half minutes to be alive”, he is clearly in tune with the issues.

He goes on to proclaim he represents the “downtrodden”, something that when you move passed the doo-wop sound and funky sax comes across incredibly apparent.

He speaks for himself but represent a lost voice – well said Mr. Furman.