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Exploring the pioneering 'beach library' in Albena, Bulgaria

German architect Herman Kompernas has designed the project for an open-air library that is situated in Albena, the Bulgarian resort on the Black Sea Coast.

The library, which has over 6,000 books in more than 15 languages, is called ‘bookcrossing’ where, as well as having a huge array of books to chose from, you can leave books in public places to be found and read by whoever. While the structure was designed by Kompernas, it is Ron Hornbaker who forged the idea.

This particular outdoor library can be found in front of the Hotel Kaliakra and has a range of texts. The wood used to make the 140 outdoor bookshelves on show have been made resistant to sun, wind and rain in an attempt to battle the conditions. As there are over 15 languages to chose from the bookshelves, the books are organised by country and they are free to borrow. The rule of thumb, of course, is to always return once you’re finished.

Tourists are encouraged to add to the collection with an aim for others to enjoy their culture’s texts. It is a new exciting way to get people reading on their holidays and really is a fantastic spectacle to behold on the beaches of Albena.