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Exploring the surreal beach pods in Gangwon-do province of South Korea


Located on a sandy beach in Yangyang-gun, a county in the Gangwon-do province of South Korea, an innovative green travel escape dominates the skyline.

Donning the name of Albang, which translates directly to “egg room”, remains the aptest of names for a travel experience that attempts to pioneer a new direction of travel escapes in South Korea. Designed in 2014 by South Korea’s Yoon Space Design studio, the egg pods attempt to crack their way into a gap left somewhere in the middle of boutique hotels and glamping.

Built using the exceedingly light material of polystyrene, Albang pods leave next to zero impact on the ground it sits upon and welcomes an impressive luxurious quality. Handmade, lightweight and spacious, the pods have been made to suit those looking for a quick weekend escape and are fully mobile due to their light infrastructure.

In size, they withhold around a two-metre square interior and fitted with a colourful hydraulic door which, of course, you’re able to point in the direction of the best view you’ve selected. “We always dream to travel and take a rest in different places,” said the architect. “This project was planned to make a never-experienced space, not hotel, tents or camping car.

“Albang look the same, but each of them has different colours on the door to have their own unique characteristics and are called by their colour,” the architect added.