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Exploring photographs of Japanese cities lost in the snow

Chinese photographer Ying Yin’s latest project explores theme snowy effects on Japan’s cities.

Yin captures solitary figures in ordinary life situations. Originally wanting to capture the ‘Wind of Okhotsk’, Yin had to change her plans after being unable to see the famous drift ice over the sea of Okhotsk.

Her blank and empty shots are inspired by Liu Bai, preferring these to crowded shots. Speaking to Featureshoot Yin discusses how “you can figure out what I want to tell at first sight and start imagining what happened behind the white space.” She makes her figures seem isolated and alone discussing how they look “frozen in time”.

Eventually making it to the Sea of Okhotsk, Yin described how her experience exploring some of Japan’s cities lost in that snow “was so beautiful it made me lost for words”.

Here is an example of the quite extraordinary work:

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