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Exploring Japan's extraordinarily unique 'floating hotel'

The Japanese are renowned for innovation, whether it‘s the rapid advancements in technology or the culinary prowess of their innovative cooking. And, They seem to have stepped up their game again, taking the hotel world one step further with their ‘floating hotels’.

The elegant hotels are luxurious boutique that drift you along the sea calmly whilst you take in the cultural advantages of Japan’s coastline. You can float along its crystal coastlinestopping occasionally to explore ancient ruins.

The Guntu hotel, which is located in Seto Inland sea, is a wonder in architectural design that blends seamlessly into its surroundings helping to enhance the view. The hull is a shining silver reflecting the crystal waters, helping it to hide seamlessly in the sea. The minimalist design beautifully captures elements of its surroundings with the pale timber panels for the roof taking inspiration from the coastal houses.

The Guntu hotel has 19 rooms on board, all with their own private terrace enabling you to enjoy the sunset each night as the vessel floats aimlessly. Wake to take break the fast in the spectacular tearooms with their glass design that allows you to take in the views as you enjoy your morning meal. For the afternoons the hotel has several outdoor cocktail bars for you to relax at and enjoy a tipple or two.

There is also a traditional sushi bar that serves freshly caught fish as well as having a char-grilled counter manned by renowned chefs.

It isn’t just food and drinks that this floating hotel offers either. While the hotel itself never docks, you can take daily adventures to shore by boat, whether you want to trek along the Japanese coastlines or for the more leisurely holiday you can enjoy the natural hot springs in the area.

“A tranquil journey unique to the Seto Inland Sea can be found here at this little hotel,” says Guntu. “Time passes slowly on board, enveloped in the refreshing fragrance and gentle warmth of wood. When you enter your cabin, exquisite views of the Seto Inland Sea spread before your eyes.”

This is a trip with a difference that really does sound extremely inviting.