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Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld.


Evan Rachel Wood’s Marilyn Manson documentary – all the details


Since February last year, several women have come forward with a multitude of sexual assault and misconduct allegations against the musician Marilyn Manson. His former partner, Evan Rachel Wood, is now set to fully document her own experience in a new documentary. 

The actress opens the new trailer for the two-part feature documentary titled Phoenix Rising by stating: “I’m here today to talk about Brian Warner also known to the world as Marilyn Manson.”

HBO will be hosting the tell-all premiere of part one Phoenix Rising: Don’t Fall on Tuesday, March 15th on HBO Max, with part two, Stand Up, arriving the following day. 

The Amy Berg-directed documentary features footage from the current ongoing legal case as Wood testifies before lawyers, as well as previous unheard accounts from the likes of Wood’s brother who announces, “everyone was looking at Marilyn Manson and they weren’t looking at Brian Warner”.

As well as case-specific details, the documentary also looks at how society in general deals with such issues and where we are currently at with regard to the apparent progress of the MeToo movement

Clocking in at one hour and 17 minutes, part one is an extensive look at various accusations labelled against the singer by Wood, including how he raped her while filming the music video for ‘Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides the Hand)’ in 2007 and a slew of other allegations. 

Manson, meanwhile, has continued to work within the music industry as the case unfurls, collaborating on Kanye West’s latest album. His legal team claim that all the allegations are false.

You can check out a trailer for the documentary below.