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Credit: Wikimedia


Eric Clapton and Van Morrison join forces for anti-lockdown protest song 'Stand and Deliver'

While Eric Clapton and Van Morrison may not be the first two names one thinks of when musing over the idea of the perfect protest song but when you realise that the song is an anti-lockdown track, things start to make sense. Van Morrison, an outspoken anti-lockdown speaker, has recruited the former Cream man for a new song ‘Stand and Deliver’.

Morrison has been a loud anti-lockdown campaigner during the British COVID-19 restrictions. With live music suffering at the hands of the restrictions, Morrison has been campaigning against the lockdown with the release of songs including ‘Born to Be Free’ and ‘No More Lockdown’ and now he and Clapton have a new one.

The UK has had semi-stringent measures in place which has seen an overall flattening of the curve of infections but Morrison is still not happy, despite Northern Ireland’s infection rate on the rise. The singer, it appears, is determined to continue his fight against the lockdown.

Now, he has managed to grab Eric Clapton too: “There are many of us who support Van and his endeavours to save live music; he is an inspiration,” Clapton told Variety. “We must stand up and be counted because we need to find a way out of this mess. The alternative is not worth thinking about. Live music might never recover.”

Morrison said of the track: “Eric’s recording is fantastic and will clearly resonate with the many who share our frustrations.” He continued with what appears genuine concern, “It is heartbreaking to see so many talented musicians lack any meaningful support from the government, but we want to reassure them that we are working hard every day to lobby for the return of live music, and to save our industry.”

Clapton jumps on the Morrison-penned track with usual confidence and delivers scintillating performance. Though the song is anti-lockdown, proceeds of the track will benefit Morrison’s Lockdown Financial Hardship Fund, which supports musicians who have been impacted by the lockdown measures.

‘Stand and Deliver’ will be released on December 4th.