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Emma Stone reveals the first movie she ever watched


Emma Stone is a talented, versatile actor with a unique skill set and a highly recognisable style. Specifically, she has a serious gift for comedy and can light up any room with her silliness and knack for fun. It’s almost effortless in a way, and it’s enough to wonder what made her like this!

Of course, talent still requires practice and expertise, and her influences won’t simply make her into a product of their liking. But still, learning about what films and media moments were formative for stars like her can be quite eye-opening.

That’s why, in an interview, when Emma Stone revealed the first movie she ever watched, there was likely plenty of curiosity regarding the title. So, what movie was it? The Jerk. Is it starting to make sense why she has such classic comedic ease in everything she does?

She said of her memories of watching the film, “It’s my dad’s favourite movie. Laughter is what symbolises love to me because of watching The Jerk with my dad. I think that’s partially why I do comedy.” So, even Stone said it herself—there’s a decent hand of influence there on why she does comedy in the first place. 

The Jerk is a 1979 comedy that stars Steve Martin, and centres around the character of Navin, who has a pretty severe misconception of his own identity, and spends the plot of the movie unravelling it, specifically through gags, antics, and misadventures. Directed by Carl Reiner, the film definitely has a 1979 vibe to it, but it still holds up for those nostalgic for the film.

Seeing that this is the first film Emma Stone remembers watching, it makes a lot of sense that she seems to have an affinity for shameless, slapstick comedy that a lot of people don’t tend to lean into quite so much anymore.

However, it’s also interesting to watch the origin of her variety through her tastes, as she has nostalgia and attachment for plenty of movies, like Beatlejuice, Annie Hall, Haunted Honeymoon, Sleepless in Seattle, and plenty more. Of course, comedy is where she got her roots and always seems to come back to, but she has a whole lot more up her sleeve, too.

If you’re interested to take a look at the first movie Emma Stone ever watched, you can stream it and check out the trailer below.