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(Credit: Ludmila Joaquina Valentina Buyo)

Elton John reveals that George Harrison helped him kick his drugs habit

In a recent interview with radio DJ Chris Evans, Elton John has revealed that the late Beatle George Harrison helped him with his long battle against drug addiction. It’s a subject he discusses at length in his new memoir Me.

Elton was speaking to Evan on his Virgin Radio Breakfast show where the 72-year-old legend opened up about a very special moment during the peak of Elton’s drug use. While the book details moments of drug-fuelled embarrassment including taking over a Rolling Stones show and calling Bob Dylan a scruffy gardener.

After Evans asked Elton what the best piece of advice he got was and Elton was quick to point out that former Beatle George Harrison delivered the most cutting assessment of Elton’s growing addiction. “Stop putting that marching powder up your nose,” John carries on to celebrate the 29 years of sobriety that followed that comment, “Twenty-nine-years it’s been. The nose is still here!”

Elton even delivered some quality advice for all the young musicians starting out, “You’ve got to play live…If you want to have a career, record sales will go up and down and people are so fickle, now, when you’re young, they’ll drop you like a five-pound note on the floor and you’ve got to be able to play live and believe in yourself, but play live.”

With so many artists highlighting the lack of need for playing live it’s a sentiment that Harrison also implored for musical acts when he was alive. Following The Beatles’ decision to become a studio band and stop playing live Harrison felt the band’s quality diminished.

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