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(Credit: Constintina Trainwreck)


New live album of Elliott Smith’s first-ever solo show from 1994 released

The family of Elliott Smith has teamed up with his former record label to release a very special live album for the very first time.

In what arrives as a 25th-anniversary reissue of Smith‘s self-titled debut album, a remastered version of the record contains a live album called Live At Umbra Penumbra.

The material for the new live rendition was recorded on September 17, 1994, during a performance at a Portland cafe which, according to Smith’s family, is the earliest recorded solo acoustic show of his career.

Smith’s family archivist, Larry Crane, said in a statement: “There are fan-traded MP3s out there of this show. But when people hear what I was able to extract from this original tape, they’ll be shocked.”

“At KRS we follow the direction of Elliott’s family,” Slim Moon, the founder of Smith’s longtime label Kill Rock Stars said if the new reissue. “They have always expressed a desire for us to honour his legacy by keeping the albums available, and by bringing his music to new generations of listeners.”

He added: “As the industry has changed, we’ve worked hard to make sure Elliott’s legacy is available for new fans to discover and old fans to re-discover.”

Stream the record, below.