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Electric Palms - Seventeen


A shimmeringly perfect Sunday afternoon can only bring the warming vibes of summer. So fittingly for this week’s Unsigned Sunday selection we have South London quartet Electric Palms and their surfing blues rock track Seventeen.  

Born out of a love for bluesy rock and roll, this bouncing summer tune is bursting with swaggering surf rock riffs and growling vocal performance. The strangling whiskey lyrics are slung into the fray by Tom Loxley and are perfectly balanced by the sultry sounds of James Foreman on lead.

Whilst Loxley snarls the story of his lost love he is sharply complimented by the soulful sounds of the meandering lead line which transports you to the hot city summers these boys are used to. That is until the smoke disperses and as the song mellows along comes the chugging rhythm of James Whatley on bass and Paddy Codd-Steiner powerfully measured on drums, to take the track into a new bruising direction.

The band’s whole sound evokes the vibrancy of South London right now as the gimmick locomotive of Shoreditch et al grinds to a halt and the train robbers of rock and roll begin to take what they can get. There’s an authenticity that looms around Electric Palms; an aura of genuine music lovers that emanates throughout the repertoire and shines out of the bands sunken eyes.

It’s a combination they take to the stage as well, where their slightly unhinged performance only adds to the garage rock sound. They’ll continue to sparkle at Yard Life Festival  which the band will be playing on April 19th. There is a host of Unsigned bands and all in the name of a good cause, which makes you feel better when amidst the drunken debauchery of 20+ bands in one venue.

With Seventeen Electric Palms have released a warming tribute to lost summer love  and with it their suburban 60’s style is really starting to shine.


Paul Whitfield