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(Credit: HBO)


Edie Falco's scene in 'The Many Saints Of Newark’ was cut out

Very few films or shows have had the cultural impact of The Sopranos, a television series that defined the standards for masterful storytelling through the TV medium. Revolving around the psychosexual problems of a depressed mobster (played by the great James Gandolfini), The Sopranos deconstructed the genre by replacing the glitz and the glamour with the ugliness of the human condition.

Although Gandolfini often gets most of the attention from fans and critics for his truly stellar performance as Tony, Edie Falco’s rendition of Carmela Soprano (his wife) might just be the bridge between the audience and the violence of Tony’s world. She has her own moral compass but she is complicit just like we are, forced to ride along with Tony on his quest for destruction.

The release for the new prequel film The Many Saints of Newark is just around the corner. Set in New Jersey during the race riots of 1967, the film will focus on the evolution of Tony Soprano (played by his son Michael) into the man we are familiar with. According to multiple reports, Falco apparently shot a scene for The Many Saints of Newark but it was cut out which should be a punishable offence.

“Not to give away too much but, when you make a movie you’re not exactly sure the final shape it’s going to be and we, believe it or not, shot a few things that included other cast members,” director Alan Taylor said. “We had Edie come in and she dressed up as Carmela and we shot something with her and it wound up not being in the final movie but it was a great excuse to see her again.”

Adding, “She’s so ridiculously talented and she’s also one of these people who — and it seems to frequently be women — that manage to be perfect actors and also the sanest people you’ve ever met in your life. I think Frances McDormand is like that and Edie Falco has that same quality of being like a solid, good, sane person. It was good to see her again.”

The Many Saints of Newark will be screened at the Tribeca Film Festival this month where it will have its world premiere before being released in American theatres as well as a simultaneous release on HBO Max starting from October 1.

Watch the trailer for The Many Saints of Newark below.