Eddie Vedder joins The Who on stage at Wembley to perform 'The Punk and The Godfather'


Pearl Jam’s very own Eddie Vedder linked up with The Who d during their landmark performance at Wembley Stadium in London.

The massive show included Pearl Jam, Kaiser Chiefs, and Imelda May all on the bill as part The Who sold out ‘Moving On! Tour’ string of live dates. In a surprise move, Roger Daltrey introduced Vedder to the stage who helped out on the vocals for ‘The Punk and The Godfather’.

In the past Vedder has openly discussed the heavy influence that The Who have had on his career, telling Rolling Stone that ;The Punk and The Godfather’ saved his life when he noticed it while watching 1973 film Quadrophenia. Detailing further, Vedder explained that the song “saved my life. It was something I could catch, because for some reason it seemed like I could not relate to anyone in the world.”

He added: “With no one in my school and certainly with no one in my house, and all of a sudden, this London guy named Pete came in who knew everything that was going on in my life.”

Daltrey, introducing Vedder to the stage, said: “He’s going to share this song with me because he knows where it came from.” Daltrey, then turning to address the Pearl Jam frontman, added: “[Which] one were you? I was the one with the stutter.”

“No,” Vedder answered. “I’m still the punk!”