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Eddie Murphy unveils reggae track 'Oh Jah Jah'

He may be best known for his glittering film and comedy career, but according to the man himself Eddie Murphy’s first love is reggae music.

The star of Beverley Hills Cop and The Nutty Professor first made clear his passion for the genre in 2013, when he collaborated with a reincarnated Snoop Dogg on his Snoop Lion project (we’re still not really sure whether he’s sticking with that) on the track ‘Red Light’.

But the new song is all Murphy’s own, along with a little bit of help from Panda Bear Productions.

The thought of this comedy legend trying to carve out a music career might bring a smile or even a sly snigger to faces of some, but Murphy claims the inspiration for ‘Oh Ja Ja’ was something far more serious, citing the Ebola crisis.

He told USA Today: “The second line in the song, when I go, ‘The devil’s on the move and the world’s gone crazy,’ that line was ‘ebola’s on the move.’ But I was like, that’ll date the record, so let me say ‘the devil.’ That never goes out. The devil’s always on the move.”

Listen to ‘Oh Jah Jah’ below.

Patrick Davies